In the intricate landscape of eye health, the cornea takes centre stage as the transparent, protective outer layer of your eye. At Al Salama Eye Hospital, we recognize the paramount importance of your cornea in ensuring clear vision and overall eye health. Join us in exploring the world of corneal care, where precision and expertise intersect. The cornea plays a vital role in refracting light and directing it onto the retina, allowing you to see the world around you. However, various conditions can affect the cornea, jeopardizing your vision and comfort. At Al Salama, we are committed to preserving the clarity and health of your cornea through advanced diagnostics and cutting-edge treatments. Step into the world of Al Salama, where we nurture your corneal health, one clear vision at a time.


Your cornea is a silent sentinel, guarding your vision. To ensure its well-being, it’s essential to recognize potential symptoms indicating corneal issues:
  • Blurry or Distorted Vision: Objects may appear fuzzy or distorted, making it challenging to see clearly.
  • Eye Pain or Discomfort: Persistent eye pain, a foreign body sensation, or sensitivity to light.
  • Redness and Irritation: Your eyes may become red, itchy, or watery.
  • Excessive Tearing: Frequent tearing, unrelated to emotions or allergies.
  • Visible Changes: Noticeable changes in the appearance of your cornea, such as cloudiness or a change in colour.
  • If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to seek evaluation and care at Al Salama Eye Hospital promptly. Early diagnosis and intervention are critical for preserving your corneal health.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Precision Care: Corneal Solutions at Al Salama Your cornea deserves nothing but the best care, and at Al Salama Eye Hospital, we are dedicated to providing just that. Our team of corneal specialists is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a deep commitment to your well-being. We offer a range of advanced treatments to address corneal conditions, including: Corneal Transplants: When necessary, we perform corneal transplantation (keratoplasty) to replace damaged or diseased corneal tissue.
  • Corneal Cross-Linking: A minimally invasive procedure to strengthen the cornea, particularly in cases of keratoconus.
  • Refractive Surgery: Procedures like PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) and corneal ring implants to correct vision problems.
  • Our goal is to ensure that you regain and maintain the clarity of your vision while enjoying optimal eye comfort. Your corneal health is our priority, and we are here to guide you toward a world of clear vision and ocular well-being. Experience the transformative power of corneal care at Al Salama Eye Hospital today.

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