CCOT Optical Fitting

Alsalama optical technician certificate programmes instruct students in the use of manual and electronic machinery to create prescription lenses for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Machines that carry out operations like cutting, grinding, edging, and finishing are obviously needed to prepare people to make lenses for a variety of industries. To help students improve their abilities before entering the workforce, Alsalama offers hands-on laboratory experiences.

Course Duration

The entire program duration of CCOT is 2 months. (1-week theory + 7-week practical session)

Course Eligibility

SSLC- Optical technicians must have good dexterity of hands, basic computer skills, knowledge of optical theory and lens production, and the ability to read and apply optical prescriptions as well as do precision work.

Career Opportunities

Optical technicians mainly work in facilities that create lenses for optical devices and eyeglasses. An optical technician can decide to specialise in one area of the manufacturing process, such as lens grinding, or in creating one particular type of lens, such as eyeglass lenses, after studying all parts of lens making. Standard job titles for specialists are:

  • Hand lens polisher
  • Optical assembly technician
  • Optical goods drill operator
  • Ophthalmic laboratory technician
  • Prism measurer
  • Precision-lens grinder

Course Structure

  • Theory
  • Practicals
  • Vision and Components
  • Common Refractive Errors
  • Different types of Lens Coating
  • Core II – Physical Optics
  • Transposition
  • Neutralization
  • Anatomy of Eye
  • Types of Lenses and Spectacle frames
  • Spectacle frame misalignments
  • Different methods of Prescription Writing
  • IPD Marking
  • Automatic machine cutting
  • Frameless fitting
  • Frame and frameless polishing
  • Core II – Physical Optics
  • Power check using Lensometer
  • CR and Glass cut
  • Practical IPD marking
  • Lens Tinting
  • Lens grooving

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